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There is no better feeling than driving off the car dealership with a brand new car. From the perfectly cleaned and pleasant smell of the interior to the detailed and waxed exterior, it’s hard to beat. One of the challenges you face as the owner is how to keep it clean moving forward. No need to worry, though. Our team from Boyle Buick GMC has some great ways you can help make your car look its best. Check out five of our favorite cleaning tips and tricks you can use for any vehicle.

Vacuum Like A Professional Detailer

It can be incredibly surprising what you’ll find lurking behind your car seats. Everything from a lost cell phone, a plethora of the kid’s toys, and enough spare change to start a savings fund aren’t out of the ordinary. First, begin by vacuuming every seat of your vehicle, and be sure to get far down under them as possible. Remember, crumbs and other debris go under the seat. Then, you’ll want to take off all the mats and vacuum them separately. If there is a lot of stubborn dirt on the mats, use a hose or pressure washer to help remove it. Next, clean the carpet thoroughly before placing the mats back in the car. You can use smaller attachments to get those hard to reach spaces like the side of the door panels or the center console.

An Easy Solution For Upholstery

Over time, cloth seating can start to lose it’s vibrant color and even start staining. It becomes more apparent when you have a lightly-colored interior. Luckily, there is the right solution. You can mix up a basic mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Although simple, it has proven to be a secret weapon for dirt. Grab an old toothbrush and scrub the mixture on your seats, and focus heavily on the stained areas. For better results, you should leave the solution to sit for 30 minutes. Finally, a clean hand towel can be used to wipe it away. Just make sure you flip to a clean side with every wipe, so you aren’t getting the seats dirty again.

Master The Art Of Cleaning The Dashboard

Dashboards can be challenging to keep clean, and they can also begin to crack if you ignore preventative maintenance. Start by using the brush attachment to remove any unnecessary dust and debris. For the dash, you’ll discover the best thing to use is a soft microfiber cloth. Dip in warm water with just a moderate amount of soap and begin wiping. You can use this for the dashboard, the steering wheel, and any other plastic material inside the car. Make sure the dash has dried entirely and grab another microfiber towel and wipe again. For a shiny finish, pick a good polisher. This simple process will have it looking brand new back in no time.

How To Clean The Exterior Like A Pro

Now that we’ve discussed a few tips to clean the inside let’s take a look at the exterior of your vehicle. Following these methods will have your car ready to impress at all times.
If possible, always try to wash your car in the shade. Why? If it is toasty outside, you’ll find that the soap has dried too fast, and you’ll just have to rewash it. Always begin by rinsing your car with a hose before starting to clean it. Be sure to use a mild soap because it could damage your paint job. One of the best time savers is to begin with the hood of the car and work your way down.

It can be easy to forget about when washing the exterior is to keep your water clean. If your car is extra grimy, it won’t hurt to change out the water a few times. Also, don’t forget to spray off the cloth you’re using so you don’t end up wiping the vehicle with a dirty surface! Rinse often as you clean each area of the car. You can use the same mild soap solution to clean the tires and rims, but always use a fresh bucket of water because this is often the dirtiest part on the exterior.

Use These Car Drying Tips

Okay, so you’ve worked hard to get your car washed, and you just let it dry, right? Unfortunately, everything you just did will be for not because your car will develop those notorious water spots. There is a better way to ensure you get the end result you’re looking for. To begin, start by rinsing the car a final time. Once all the water droplets have fallen to the ground, get your trusted microfiber towel again. You may also want to consider a squeegee to remove larger amounts of water before wiping it down with the cloth. Use the same procedure you did for washing, working from the top-down. Shake off extra water while you’re drying and fold it in a square pattern to reduce streaking.

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Keeping your car cleaned like a pro inside and out takes some effort, but above all, it requires patience. It is possible to have a clean car year-round, but you just have to stay consistent. Our team from Boyle Buick GMC hopes you find some of these tips and tricks useful for keeping your vehicle looking great. Feel free to check out our accessories for everything you’ll need to keep your car in prime condition.

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