Importance of Tire Maintenance

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The tires of a vehicle are the primary component that attaches the vehicle to the road. Without an adequate set of tires, a vehicle will not be able to maintain its traction on the road. Therefore, tire maintenance is essential for a driver to routinely do for their vehicle. Tires should have the right amount of air pressure, proper tread depth, and should be properly balanced on their wheels.

Tire Inspections

A tire inspection is a service where various physical characteristics of a set of tires are checked. During a tire inspection, a technician will check the air pressure, tread depth, and tire wear of a set of tires. The overall purpose of tire inspections is to check for tire issues that can be dangerous for drivers to drive with, such as tire punctures.

The frequency at which you should bring your vehicle in for tire inspections depends on how often you drive, the areas that you routinely drive in, and the overall condition of your vehicle. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see what its manufacturer recommends for the vehicle.


Checking a Tire’s Air Pressure

The tires of every vehicle are designed to be operated with specific amounts of air in the tires. The air pressure that is recommended by a manufacturer for a vehicle can usually be found on the inside of the doorjam that is on the driver’s side of the vehicle. If the recommended air pressures for each of the vehicle’s tires are not located on the vehicle itself, then a driver can also locate the specified air pressures in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.


It is vital for you to operate your vehicle with the proper air pressure in its tires, because the tires will be able to grip the road better as you drive, ensuring that your vehicle has the traction that it needs. Additionally, tires that are underinflated or overinflated are more susceptible to damage and tire wear.


Checking a Tire’s Tread Depth

The tread depth of a tire refers to how deep the grooves that are on its surface are. The tire tread is what allows the tire to evacuate water from the tire’s surface when the roads are wet and what also allows the tire to grab onto the road when a vehicle is in motion. When a vehicle’s tires are worn down, the tires will have minimal amounts of tread left on their surfaces, creating dangerous conditions for drivers.


There are tools that are designed to measure the tread depth of tires. However, one of the most simple methods that you can use to check the tread depth of your vehicle’s tires is by using a penny. To do the penny check, you will need to place the penny headfirst into the tread of your vehicle’s tires. If the tread of the tire covers the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, then that tire has enough tread. However, if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head and the tread sits below his hair, then the tire needs to be replaced. You will need to check each of your vehicle’s tires, as a vehicle’s tires can wear unevenly.


Tire Rotations

A tire rotation is a service that allows drivers to prolong the lifespans of the tires that are on their vehicles. During a tire rotation, the tires of a vehicle are adjusted so that their surfaces can wear evenly with one another. A technician first inspects the tires of the vehicle to determine their condition, then begins to make adjustments to the tires based on the wear that the tires have been experiencing. Once the tires have been rotated, they will wear down evenly as the driver travels with their vehicle.


It is recommended that drivers have the tires of their vehicles rotated at least once every 5,000 miles. However, a driver may want to bring their vehicle in for a tire rotation more or less often depending on how much they drive their vehicle and how they drive their vehicle. Tire rotations can be repeatedly done on a vehicle’s set of tires until the tires are too worn to be used safely anymore.


Tire Balancing

When a tire is properly balanced, it’s weight will be evenly distributed on the wheel that it is on. Tires that are unbalanced can wear down quicker and create undesirable suspension effects, such as increased vibrations. To balance a vehicle’s tires, a trained technician uses a special machine that is designed specifically for tire balancing. The technician then makes adjustments to the weights of the tires based on the readings that the machine provides.


Visit Us for Your Tire Services

Proper tire maintenance is important for your safety and the longevity of your vehicle. There are many ways that you can maintain the condition of your vehicle’s tires. If you need dependable tire services, visit us at Boyle Buick GMC so that we can assist you. We will be glad to provide more information to you about the tire services that we have to offer and what tire services your vehicle may need.

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