What are the Effects of Driving with Low Oil Levels?

Service Technician changing the oil on a vehicle

Whether you drive a new Buick, GMC or a pre-owned vehicle around Abingdon, oil is an essential component of your car, truck, or SUV. Oil lubricates your engine’s internal parts, minimizing friction, reducing heat buildup, and improving functionality. Driving with low oil levels can be dangerous for you and your fellow Bel Air-area drivers. Find out all the negative effects of low oil in cars with the experts at Boyle Buick GMC below!



What is the Danger of Driving with Low Oil Fluid Levels?

So, what are some of the dangerous effects of low oil in cars, trucks, or SUVs? Admittedly, your vehicle’s engine will continue to run even if your oil levels are minimal. However, your moving parts will eventually lose the fluid barrier between them. Your engine’s internal components will continue to rub against each other at high speeds, but you’ll no longer have a protective layer of oil reducing heat production. This will result in engine parts breaking down due to either excess friction or high temperatures. In the long term, this can result in costly repairs. 

What are Warning Signs of Oil Issues?

Not sure if you’re due for an immediate oil change at Boyle Buick GMC or not? You should be getting regular oil changes every six months. Nevertheless, if you notice the following symptoms while driving with low oil levels, you’ll want to visit our Abingdon Service Center right away: 

  • Smoke is coming from underneath the hood. The excess friction and heat produced by the lack of oil can overheat your engine and show smoke coming from under the hood.
  • You smell a burning odor. This dirty odor is a result of engine components rubbing against each other and producing excess heat. Any oil that is left will start to burn up, producing the motor that you smell. The aroma is strong enough for you to notice even inside the passenger cabin.
  • The Oil Pressure Warning Light comes on. This is the most common indication that your oil level is low. However, this is an easy DIY fix, as the solution is to just add more oil. Keep in mind that if the light remains on even after you do that, you may have a leak. The latter issue will require repair.

Get Your Oil Changed at Boyle Buick GMC Today!

Have you recently noticed that you’ve been suffering from the effects of low oil in your car while cruising around Abingdon? Your Buick, GMC engine could be in danger! Schedule a service appointment at Boyle Buick GMC to have your oil changed today! 


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