Spring Cleaning Round Up

March 16th, 2022 by

The flowers that open up in spring signal the season of renewal. You probably complete an annual ritual of cleaning your home inside and out. Why not perform the same thing for your car to make it spic and span? Here is a round-up of revitalization tasks you can do for your vehicle from Boyle Buick GMC in Abingdon, MD.

Start with the interior.

Remove everything that is not attached from the interior of your vehicle, including children’s toys, organizers, trash bugs, and fuzzy dice. Doing this gives you a blank slate that is easier to take care of.

Loosen dirt by using a fine bristle brush, such as a toothbrush, on the cracks and crevices inside your vehicle. Rub it on the buttons, vents, and seat cushions. Then take a stiff brush to loosen grime in the mats and carpet. If you can, remove the mats from the inside and give them a good shake outside to prevent the dirt from falling inside the cab.

Vacuum the interior to eliminate all the dust and dirt that you unleashed. Buy auto interior and window cleaning solutions from your local auto parts store. Use the auto interior solution and a microfiber cloth to wipe the hard surfaces of any sticky stuff. Then use the window solution on the interior of the windows and windshield using another micro-fiber cloth. Wipe away the solution to see your interior sparkle.

Return any items to the interior that are needed on the drive, such as organizers or the favorite toys of your kids. Be sure to add small plastic bags for the front and back, so you and your passengers have a place to throw away any trash.

Take care of the exterior.

Move your vehicle to a shady area, so the surface stays cool. If it remains hot, the suds from soap that you apply dry too quickly, leaving marks on the surface, which you’ll have to wash off again.

Pre-wash the exterior to remove any dirt, grime, sticky tree sap, and insect remains. Don’t neglect the underside of your vehicle and the tires, which may have accumulated road salts and other harsh chemicals that are used to melt ice and snow. You may need a stiff brush to remove tough dirt that has caked itself into the tires and underside.

Use a mild liquid soap that is specifically formulated for the exterior of your vehicle. With a car-wash mitt or similarly soft cloth, spread the soap over the body of the car. Start with the top of the car and then continue with the hood and back. Finish up
with the side panels.

For your windows, use an auto window cleaner.

Rinse the exterior of your vehicle thoroughly to eliminate any soap. Don’t forget to hose down your rims and tires, which become the dirtiest part of your auto because of constant contact with the dirt of the road.

Dry your car quickly using a chamois to prevent water spots. You can then apply wax to protect the finish and make it shine. Consider using a polymer wax because it wipes off quickly.

Trust a professional.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to do the cleaning yourself, hire professionals to do it, they will probably do a better job in a shorter time, and typically cost a lot less than you think.

Since you’re only doing this once a year, spring for the full treatment that includes detailing and waxing. The best place to get all this done is at a hand carwash. If you don’t even have time for that, there are auto dealers who will come to your home or work to get the job done.

Bring it in for a tune-up.

If it’s been a while since your vehicle has gone into the shop, bring it to the service department at Boyle Buick GMC. We are staffed by brand-certified automotive techs who use only manufacturer-vetted parts to keep your car running like new.
We can inspect all your systems to ensure that none were compromised during the winter. We can also check your air-conditioning, which probably hasn’t been turned on since the previous summer.

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